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Gary Millard - Artistry of Nature

Gary Millard is “Artistry of Nature”.

In this website, Gary has provided you with a visual experience with many Galleries of his paintings. His Galleries include Plein Air, Landscapes, Portraits, Birds, Animals, K9’s, Pets and much more. Gary Millard’s page The Artist has a plethora of information of just who Gary Millard is. Also, on “The Artist” page, there is information on his Mentors, and the people behind the making of this Artist.

The “Artistry of Nature” is exactly what drives Gary Millard to paint mostly in “Plein Air” (painting in the outdoors in sessions less than one day to complete the painting). The experience of being outdoors with the smells and natures elements, are why he enjoys Plein Air painting. He paints Plein Air normally using Oil Paint. When in the studio, acrylic paint also has its place, in either an under painting for an oil Landscape or just a quick sketch that he needs to dry fast.

Gary Millard painting in Boy Scout Park - Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Gary Millard painting in Boy Scout Park – Cedarburg, Wisconsin 2015

Gary Millard is a active member of the “Wisconsin Plein Air Painters Association” called “WIPAPA” here is a link to one of Wisconsin’s premier Plein Air Painting Associations WIPAPA

Gary Millard is also an active member of the Milwaukee Sketch Club, MCS. Here is a link to MCS, a fantastic group of figure and portrait painters MSC.

Gary likes to paint in the studio at odd times of the day (like in the middle of the night) or when the weather is at its extreme. Painting at least 4 to 5 days a week, every week is how Gary keeps working to better his skills, learning never ceases.

On occasion Gary has been asked to paint on surfaces other than canvas’s or panel’s. Be sure to check out how Gary makes people happy by painting the unusual. Click here for a quick short cut to that topic!

Contact Gary Millard (Contact Gary) for a commission or just see where he is painting next.

Hope you enjoy the site!